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Hunt with us

Call 1-888-803-7316 Come and join Mule Shoe Outfitters out of Pinedale, Wyoming for a Big Game Hunt or a summer fishing trip in the spectacular mountains of the Wind River Mountain Range. Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lion, and Elk hunting is our specialty, we also conduct hunts for Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose, Bobcat and Black Bear. Mule Shoe Outfitters also provides summer fishing and scenic pack trips with gear drops and spot packs into the Wind River Mountain Range. Outfitting and guiding is a passion of ours, not just a job. We will guarantee hunters that we will give a 100% effort to fulfill their hunt with a quality animal. We are full-time outfitters. When we are not hunting, we are our pre- scouting and getting ready for hunts coming up. We have about 85% repeat hunters. Some have hunted several different game animals with us throughout the years. Our goal in the outfitting business is to provide quality hunts, with our hunters coming as clients and leaving as friends. Please give us a call if you need any more information on our hunting operation. Justin and Sandy Wright We sell Wyoming Game & Fish hunting and fishing Licenses at the Kendall Valley Lodge.

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Mountain Lion & Bobcat Hunting

Mountain Lion hunting is one of our passions. We enjoy training our own hounds that we have raised and spent endless hours working with. The pursuit of these big cats can last for minutes, hours or days, depending on what kind of track the hounds have to work with. Snowmachines are used for transportation to look for tracks and haul hounds and gear when snow conditions get too bad for pickups to get around in. Good, mature Tom mountain lions are our main target for harvesting, leaving females to produce offspring. This is a 7-day hunt that we start mid-November and run through March 31st. Licenses can be purchased over the counter when you arrive. We welcome archery, hand gun and rifle hunters to come join us on this fast-paced hunt. You won't regret it, so come stay with us at our ranch in cabins for a great hunt.

7 Day Mountain Lion Hunts

1x1 - $7300

Lion/Bobcat combo - add $600 trophy fee


Bobcats make a great combo hunt with mountain lions, or are a great trophy by themselves. We basically hunt them the same way we hunt lions. We offer this as a 5-day hunt from November 15th to the end of February. The license has to be applied for at the Wyoming Game & Fish Department in Cheyenne. There are restrictions for some states obtaining a license, so please give us a call and ask us about it.

5 Day Bobcat Hunt

1x1 - $5000

2x1 - $4500

Lion/Bobcat combo - add $600 trophy fee

Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Bighorn Sheep hunting is another one of our passions. It is a physically- demanding hunt that is basically a once in a lifetime hunt for a hunter to harvest a ram in Wyoming. Our ten-day hunt starts by packing a camp in with horses and mules. From there, we are mainly hunting by foot and using backpacks to transport gear to other camp destinations. Our main technique of hunting is using vantage points to glass the area, catching rams moving and feeding. Being in the best physical shape you can be will inicrease your odds of taking a trophy ram. We have been consistent in taking 160 plus class rams throughout the years. We hunt Area 8, which opens September 1st and Area 10, which opens August 15th. Let us help you with that once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

10 day Bighorn Sheep Hunts

1x1, $11,500

Elk Hunting 

Mule Shoe Outfitters has two base camps to offer clients for our 7 day Elk hunts. Our Bluff Park Camp is located in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness is around a 4 hour horseback ride. Our New Fork camp is on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and is about an hour horseback ride to get to. We have been typically harvesting bulls in the 280 to 340 inch range with an occasional bigger bull.  Base camps consist of wall tents with cots and propane heaters to provide as much comfort as possible. Breakfast and dinner are prepared and served in a cook tent with sack lunches provided for the day out hunting. We limit our camps to 4 hunters for the week to assure a more quality down-home hunt. We use these main base camps for our limited quota area 96 hunts. They start the 1st of October for rifle season and run thru the 31st of October, and September for archery season. This is a great area with lots of elk and good potential of killing a good mature bull. During the first part of October the rut is still on with lots of vocal activity from bulls. Preference points are needed to draw a license in this area, so if you are planning for the future please go ahead and get one from July 1st to October 31st through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. It will just assure you of drawing a license. Our General elk tag season opens October 15th. This is also a good opportunity to harvest a good bull after the rut. We do a lot of glassing for mature bulls out feeding in the open terrain where stalks can be made. Bulls will sometimes bachelor up with other bulls making it easier to spot them. The weather plays a big part in determining which camps are used on this hunt. Archery season opens September 1st, but we suggest waiting until at least the 13th to let the rut kick in and bulls get more active. Archery hunters have ample shot opportunity at bulls during the September archery season. The rut is in full force and the bulls are hot, making calling more productive. Both of our camps are used during this hunt, depending on where we find the most concentration of elk.

7 Day Bull Elk Hunt

1x1 - $7300 2x1 - $6800

3 Day Cow Elk Hunt

Out of Lodge 1x1 - $2500 2x1 - $2000 From hunt camp 1x1 - $3000 2x1 - $2500

Mule Deer Hunting

We have a 5-day wilderness Mule Deer hunts in region H where we are taking 160 to 180 inch bucks. This is a horseback hunt where you will be staying at one of our two base camps glassing for mature bucks at timberline. We have a lot of open country where bachelor groups of bucks hang out. Glassing is a big part of this hunt, so bring lots of patience and a good pair of binoculars. September 15th is opening day and the season runs until October 6th. We also offer 5-day Mule Deer hunts in areas 141/162. This season opens October 1st. This is a limited quota area, so preference points will be needed to draw this tag.   This is a low-percentage draw for a license, but the chance of harvesting a trophy buck is excellent.

5 day Mule Deer Hunt

1x1 - $5000

2x1 - $4500

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Our antelope hunts are done mainly on private ground with large tracts of BLM surrounding them. We offer 3-day antelope hunts with all accommodations at the Lodge. We have great archery opportunities, as well as rifle, to harvest a good mature 14" plus buck. Antelope makes a great combo hunt with our late-season deer or with our elk hunts. We start hunting antelope September 10th through the end of October. 3 day Pronghorn Hunt 1x1 $2300 2x1 $1800

Shiras Moose Hunting

Our 7-day Shiras Moose hunt in area 5 will be a horseback hunt out of one of our base camps or a spike camp if needed. Having 2 base camps and a lodge in moose area 5 gives us a good portion of the area to hunt these big bulls. Both of our camps have prime moose hunting country and hold mature bulls. Rifle season opens October 1st thru October 31st. Archery season opens September 1st. This is real good moose country with rougher terrain and a chance at a real good bull. Moose Area 3 and 4 hunts will be based staying at the lodge. We primarily hunt private land along with BLM lands adjoining. If you don't like sleeping in a tent at night, this is your moose hunt.  Area 3 opens the 20th of September for rifle and the 1st of September for archery. On an average, we are harvesting good, mature 40-inch plus bulls.

7 day Moose Hunt

1X1 - $6500

Black Bear Hunts

Our 7-day black bear hunt is offered during the spring. This is over active baits that we have placed in remote areas. We try to get into more remote areas so we can get away from other bait activity. We primarily hunt baits late afternoon through late evening. The mornings and early afternoon are spent either replenishing baits with guides or relaxing doing whatever you would like. This hunt makes a great archery experience, as well as rifle or handgun. Our hunts are a day or two longer than most outfitters, good mature bears are very wise and sometimes a hunter has to put a little extra time in on a bait. We are consistent in taking mature boars with good color phases; browns, cinnamons and an occasional blonde bear. Spring bear hunts take place fom the 1st of May to the 15th of June. Bear hunts in the fall are combo hunts with Elk or Deer. We invite you to come and stay with us at the Kendall Valley Lodge and hunt one of these beautiful trophies. Bear tags can be purchased over the counter when you arrive.

6 day Black Bear Hunt

1x1, $4000

7 day Predator Hunt

1x1, $4000

2x1, $3000

Wolves: $1500 Trophy Fee

Non-Resident License Fees and Application


$15.00 application fee on all draw licenses $21.50 Conservation Stamp Non-Resident License Fees:  for Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, Sheep and Moose      there is a $15.00 application fee. Elk - Regular $692.00, Special $1,268.00 - January 31st Deer - Regular $374.00 - Special $662.00 - May 31st Pronghorn - Regular $326.00, Special $614.00 - May 31st Sheep - $2,320.00 - February 28th Moose - $1,982.00 - February 28th Bear and Lion - $373.00 over the cournter Wolf $187.00, Wolf tags are “over the counter” Bobcat - $285.00, submit application to Headquarters - Cheyenne for furbearer license Preference Point Fees: Elk - $52.00 Deer - $41.00 Pronghorn - $31.00 Sheep - $150.00 Moose - $150.00

Hunter Equipment Recommended List

(Please use as a guideline checkoff list) Mule Shoe Outfitters, LLC provides for its hunters while in hunting camp: All meals and beverages, and cots. We do not provide any alcoholic beverages. Sleeping quarters are in wall tents with a heat source. Licenses(s) and Conservation Stamp (Stamp cost $21.50) Elk Special Management Permit: Cost $15.50 (anyone hunting elk in areas with feedrounds) Rifle, Cartridges, etc. Binoculars Hunting knife Fluorescent orange vest or hat topper Camera and cards, batteries Water bottle Flashlight, with extra batteries Lightweight daypack (saddlebags are provided on your riding horse to pack things, a daypack/backpack is not required, only suggested.) Sleeping bag (O degrees or better) Pad (a thick pad or air mattress is best to keep the cold from getting under you on your cot); we can provide a pad if you ar eunable to bring one - please let us know in advance. Warm clothes (it is best to dress in layers-you can always remove or add clothing) Long Johns  Waterproof heavy warm jacket/coat (you can bring a warm heavy jacket and a rain coat-please be sure that the rain coat you bring is not noisy while you're wearing it during the hunt) Waterproof light warm jacket/coat (something you could put under your heavy coat, i.e. Vest, Sweater, Heavy Shirt, etc.) Waterproof wool or hunting pants or similar (non-noisy) Waterproof boots (you may want to bring 2 pairs, should one get wet- we can dry any boots or clothing by the wood stove in the cook tent) Hat (a hat with a brim is best for protection against the weather) Neck Scarf Gloves (at least 2 pairs) Personal items Duffel bag(s) The weather in Wyoming is truly unpredictable. The fall hunting weather is usually mild; it will be warm to moderate during the day and will chill down, possibly below zero, as soon as the sun sets in the evening. The most important thing is for you not to get wet; once you get wet, then you will get cold, so please prepare yourself to remain as dry as possible. Snowstorms are likely during your hunt, and in the mountains the storms pose blizzard conditions. When packing your bag(s) for the trip in, it is best to use 2 or more medium to small sized duffel bags rather than one large duffel bag and with no hard edges. If you need emergency contact information for your family while you are in hunting, please let us know and we can provide the information for them prior to your hunt. Mule Shoe Outfitters, LLC. Kendall Valley Lodge Justin & Sandra Wright P.O. Box 1555 Pinedale, WY 82941 For Hunting and Summer Horse trips call toll-free: 1-888-803-7316 For cabin rooms, restaurant and bar, call the Lodge:  307-367-2223 e-mail: Outfitter License #BG-283 Operating under permit by the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Equal opportunity service provider.


For cabins call the Lodge at 307-367-2223. For hunting & horse trips call 1-888-803-7316. Pinedale, Wyoming
Outfitter License #BG-283. Operating under permit by the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Equal opportunity service provider.

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